Members Receive 60 Year Service Awards

Brothers Charles C. Henry and Harry R. Goodwin were on hand at the July 2018 Union meeting and were presented their 60 Year Service Awards from the United Association.

Pictured above are Brother Henry and Brother Goodwin with members of their families whom are also members of Local 495 and were in attendance for the presentations.

Pictured Left to Right – Steven Henry (Grandson), J.O. Henry (Son), Charles C. Henry (Recipient), Mark Henry (Son), Harry R. Goodwin (Recipient) and David Goodwin (Son) .

Congratulations to both of these wonderful gentlemen!

The remaining recipients of 60 Year Service Awards were not able to attend the meeting however they deserve recognition also and this year’s recipients were:  Caryle Buck, Ronald Gaborick, Benjamin Huff, Melvin Lighthizer, Lawrence Noll and Benjamin Turnbaugh (Deceased).  

65 Year Awards went to: Emanual Brindley and James Kollar.